Keeping Knives Sharp and Organic Living

Lots of home chefs don’t treat their equipment as well as they should, even worse, most do not care to spend an extra few bucks to get a decent set of knives.   This post we are going to discuss how getting better equipment will make your home more organic and will result in you throwing less things away.  I really feel this information is important, so please pay attention.cutting and sharpening knifes

I am personally devoted to the “organic” lifestyle and try to only throw away one garbage bag every week.  I do this one of two ways:

The first thing I do is reuse all compost in my garden. All those parts of fruits and veggies that I don’t need go to good use. I mix them in with all my plants and as a result they good bigger, more tasty, and beautiful than ever. A good pro tip is to use your coffee grounds in your garden. You would be amazed at how healthy you plants become

The second thing I do is to just good tools and equipment, not that cheap stuff from overseas.  From my experience, it is one of the best ways to throw less away. Since you’ll have higher quality goods, they will be less likely to break down.

Some would say that they cannot afford these types of products, I would disagree. I’m not suggesting you spend your whole bank account and understand some simply do not have the extra income, but from my experience the more you spend on something you use forever, the less you spend everywhere else.  Take myself for example, I don’t go out cloths shopping as often as I used to. The result is that I typically save the same amount of money as I used to.

Since you’ll have more expensive products, such as a decent set of kitchen and cooking knives, you will won’t to take care of them. Whereas with the cheap stuff, you are more likely to let it fall to the way side.   I find a decent sharpener really helps keep your knives in shape. I would recommend that you really take your time and find the best knife sharpener and read a lot of reviews on the product. They will last longer and cut better than ever. I would say I sharpen my knives once every other week and now I cut faster than ever. Just be careful, it is a bit addicting.   I don’t think I can every use a dull knife again.

Lets wrap this up

When you decide to invest in good quality products for your home, make sure you take care of them. You would be surprised how affordable the better stuff is. For instance, I only use one knife in my kitchen to cut everything and anything. That knife cost me around $30, nothing crazy.   You do not need to splurge on those super expensive and super useless knife sets.   Plus, if you sharpen that one knife, it will last you forever and cut better than ever. I highly recommend it. Stay strong and live clean.



7 Ways to Throw The Best Camo Wedding Ever

Hi everyone! For this post we are going to talk about a new trend that is taking the wedding industry by storm, camo weddings!   Most are somewhat surprised to hear about this stuff, but hey, it’s new, it’s fun, and lets learn about it!

#1 Get the Camo Food Right

Guess what! Anyone who is going to throw this type of wedding is probably an outdoor type of person. They love being outside and if everyone is going to dress up in camo, you might as well get the food right. Go for a BBQ kind of theme, just don’t’ keep it cheesy. Do something like have a “goat roast” or something to that extent. You’ll find that most people will be much happier with the food than simple hot dogs, yet it will be more than a transitional weddings spread.

#2 Get the Right Ring

Hell! If you are going to get dressed up, might as well get the some thing going on with your wedding bands. There are a lot of different types of camo wedding rings out there, take advantage, they also tend to be much more affordable than the most rings.

#3 The Best Dress

Good news, the dress can come in both camo and white. You will get both the “outdoor” feeling as well as the “Pure” white that weddings demand. You will be shocked at how many different dresses are out there and the price ranges that they are in.

#4 Location, Location, Location

This is perhaps the best part, you get to be outside! If you are more traditional, try to finding a wedding hall that has an outdoor area with a “woody” kind of feel. Heck, everyone will have a lot of fun putting their camo to use and try to hide in the woods.

#5 Camo the invitations.

Let your guests know what they are getting into. These weddings are not very common and you want to give everyone a heads up. Make it very clear on the card and give it a camo theme. Once they open it up they will know how to dress for the upcoming occasion.

#6 Get the Gifts right

Do your best to make it clear they you do or do not want camo style gifts and decorations. Typically folks will buy crossbows, guns, more camo, and anything that has anything to do with hunting. If you don’t want this stuff, perhaps make a wedding registry with a lot of NON camo related stuff.  However, if you want hunting gear, look forward to your new gifts 😉

I think that wraps up the camo wedding guide. Do you have any more ideas and suggest?

What would you do differently?




cooked speared fish

Spear Healthy Fresh Caught Fish

Many of us know that farming your own food will give you lots of healthy food. However, many of us and guys from over look the fact that you do not have to have a farm to eat healthy. Lots of people live close to the ocean. As a result, you will have a HUGE opportunity to catch lots of healthy food and give your body the nutrition it needs.

spearfishing a fresh dinnerA really great way to combined exercise with catching dinner is to get into spearfishing.    First you will have to learn how to freedive. Don’t know what it is?  It is the art of diving deep and holding your breath for extended periods time. If you have not guessed, this is where the exercise comes in 😉 Personally I have already lost around 15 and almost lost my belly.  To say the least, I’m really glad I got into the sport. Even if you do not want to catch fish, its a lot of fun. You get to swim around and see all different types of fish.

Remember, Freediving isn’t just something that you start doing out of the blue. You need training and their are a lot of courses out there that will teach you.   It will make spearfishing a lot safer and most like you will catch more fish as a result.

Next you have to actually catch the fish. This is where the “fishing” part comes in.   It is absolutely an amazing experience, diving to the depths of the ocean, stalking your dinner, and finally catching it. When you get out of the water you truly have a sense of accomplishment.

The next question is probably, “how on earth do you catch the fish”?  Well, most spearos or spearfishermen prefer to use a speargun. The one that I personally use is called the is Omer kanaloa Speargun. I found it to be a great gun to use and really gets the job done.   I have caught countless fish with it.

Just a quick tip about spearfishing. As a rule of thumb you should never dive alone. When it comes to diving, boating, or anything that has to do with going out to sea, be save and bring a friend. This sport is no different and you will have to stay safe.   Before even trying this sport, learn from someone who knows what they are doing or even join a group that actively takes part in these types of activities.

Finally the next step is to bring these fish home,fillet them, and cook them up. Personally I really like to steam them and drip lemon over them. Typically I will serve it will a side of brown rice or even couscous, and I always include some kind of freshly cut veggies.

Before you jump into the water and start spearfishing away, just make sure that you are catching the right kind of fish. If you do not have the proper license or spear the wrong fish you can end up playing a pretty big fine.

I hope you learned a thing or two about spearfishing and catching yourself a nice dinner. Until next time, enjoy and have fun!

Choosing organic food on a budget

In this day and age eating a healthy, balanced diet has been recognized as an essential part of life. Organic food is also now more popular, thanks to the number of health problems that it can fight against and delay. Pesticides are used on normal types of food and can increase the effects of a number of human conditions, including ADHD, birth defects and asthma. In this article we will look at a number of ways that one can enjoy organic food on a budget.
Organic foods can often be more expensive than normally grown produce. For this reason, it is always good to keep an eye out for coupons in your local store, or online via websites that promote the sale of organically grown foods. It is also a good idea to keep both a weekly budget and a monthly budget that keeps track of the food that you wish to buy.

Getting creative with food is often a good idea and can save money. Organic food which is going to waste can be saved and preserved in various ways. One may wish to cook the organic produce into a long lasting food, such as a sauce, or may wish to make something sweet from organic left overs. Creating your own organic smoothie drinks, as well as granola bars and organic chocolate chip cookies are all possible and are simply a matter of following simple recipes that can be found on the web. Left over produce can also be frozen using mason glass jars and can be kept for long periods of time in the freezer.

One area to pay particular attention to when buying organic food is meat and dairy products, as this is where pesticides, as well as anti-biotic and cancer causing growth hormones can be present. Finding cheap organic meat and dairy foods, such as chicken, eggs and cheese can be found by locating specific farmers that treat their produce with organic methods. Eating less meat and more vegetables can also save money and can result in a more healthy and balanced lifestyle.

It is always cheaper to buy in bulk and this can be achieved buy visiting the bulk suppliers in your area. Taking your own measuring jug when purchasing foods from bulk suppliers can be useful, as you will be able to select the exact amount, without ruining the risk of wasting. Meat can also be bought by the animal, which can then be frozen for consumption at a later date.

Green Fish is Good For You.

A good healthy diet has fish on the menu twice a week. Check out the diet by BestAusCasinos casino guide. Fish are important lean source of protein that have healthy omeg-3 fats that help stimulate your brain. The best kind of fish are the oily kind. This include salmon, tuna, sardines etc.
How do you tell if a fish is good for you?

The Super Green: Best of the Best list is a must have checklist for healthy fish. The list is compiled by Seafood Watch, a program run by the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The program makes the list so people can be aware of what seafood is good for them and good for the planet.
The checklist includes: (a) fish that have below 216 parts per billions mercury and 11 ppb PCBs, (b) have a high amount of health-promoting omega-3 fats, and (c) comes from a sustainable fishery.

You can get details of what fish make the program’s list at Other organizations such as The Blue Ocean Institute also grade and rate sustainability of fish. You can visit for detailed information.

How to implement the list?

Since the list has become widely known, many environmental organizations are advocating for many different fish to be off the menu. Many of the larger fish do not fit the checklist. They are both depleted and have higher levels of mercury and PCBs. If you want to find out if your favorite fish has a health advisory, you can check the Environmental Defense Fund at for more information.

Earlier, you read that tuna is good for you. However, most tuna is high in mercury. The albacore tuna is the only one with a Super Green rating. However, the tuna has to be troll or pole caught to be considered green. This is because smaller tuna is caught in this manner. The small fish (less than 20 pounds) are the ones that are low in mercury. The best tuna is caught in the northern waters of the United States. These tunas are higher in omega-3s. To know where you tuna is caught, do your homework or look for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) blue eco label.

How do you cook your fish?

If you are not using fresh fish, thaw your fish before cooking. It usually takes a day in the refrigerator the day before cooking. Make sure your fish is as dry as possible. The best way to dry fish is to pat it down with a paper towel before you begin cooking. Excess moisture cools down hot oil. Now, you can fry or pan fry your fish. Happy eating.